Tyden Diary 1

Oh Lord Ruler! What misfortune has been brought upon us now?

The boss of the thieving crew I have been a part of for the past few years has mysteriously vanished. I trust the other crew members to continue doing job but only in so far as I can throw them. Already tensions are on the rise with the void left by our stalwart leader. We have nothing to go on where he might have vanished and no leads to pursue. It is as if he disappeared into the mists themselves.

But we still need to make ends meet and maintain our reputation. Today we went to see Hutch at the Lord Ruler’s Blessing about a job. Apparently he had been hired by a noble house to reconcile a misplaced person. The lady Amyse Bylerum has been kidnapped in a most eerily fashion by the rival House Urbain. It is likely she was swiftly transported to their abode in the Eastern Dominance for safekeeping. Hutch has now hired us to procure the safe return of Amyse. This job will likely require several bouts of thievery, manipulation and fancy footwork, and is therefore ideally suited for our crew. I can only imagine what can of horrible treatment poor Amyse must be undergoing, so we must make haste.

We have learned that Lestram Urbain is visiting Luthadel. This is an opportunity we can take to our advantage to elucidate some information on House Erbain and on the whereabouts of Amyse. Lord Lestram is known for his unreputable behavior as he frequently visits the shadier drinking and gambling establishments in the city. He is always accompanied by a Terrisman servant and at least one bodyguard, which we make our job that much more difficult. We will therefore need a cunning planning of plots and intrigue if we hope to deceive Lord Lestram.

Tyden Diary 1

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