Tyden Marineu

The Manipulator


Drive: Secure freedom
Profession: Fixer
Specialty: Manipulator
Feature: Flair for the dramatic
Personality: Arrogant

Physique 2
Charm 4
Wits 3

Resources 5
Influence 5
Spirit 3

Zinc Allomancy 5 (Enduring emotions)

Vial of zinc (3 charges)
Formal wear
Pocket watch


Tyden was born into the minor house of Marineu in the Eastern Dominance. As the nephew of the current house lord, Garad Marineu, he was placed 7th in line of succession. From a young age Tyden displayed uncanny ability with words and was trained in the art of poetry and artistic writing. Marineu was a minor house which dealt mostly with the production of wine. They were more famous however for the lavish balls and exquisite dinners they would throw, often high above their current status. It was common knowledge that Garad Marineu had grand ambitions reaching even beyond the Eastern dominance.

These ambitions are however what led house Marineu to its downfall. When Tyden was ten years old, Garad Marineu secured the deal that he had always dreamed of. At the expense of several other houses in the Eastern Dominance, house Marineu had through a single action secured immense wealth and the respect of several key obligators in the Ministry. The other houses could not stand the embarrassment that a minor house might suddenly surpass them. So the other houses came together against house Marineu and used the recent rebellious talk amongst the skaa slaves to their advantage. They pushed the slaves tending to the wine fields of house Marineu into a state of uprising through allomatic manipulation. Next, the coalition of houses sent mercenary squads into the estates of Marineu to exterminate the family and make it look like the skaa were responsible. They then crushed the rebellion that they started as a warning to their own skaa and to regain their good name within the Ministry. The lands of Marineu were divided amongst the remaining houses of the Eastern Dominance and the name Marineu was expunged from history to prevent tales of the skaa rebellion from spreading.

However the mercenary squads that had been sent to kill the Marineu family members had gotten greedy. They had captured several of the younger Marineus to sell into slavery, Tyden among them. The enslavement of nobility is strictly forbidden by the Ministry but this simply means that they are worth more on the black market. Tyden was sold to a successful slaver merchant who mostly kept him around as a servant. However Tyden was beaten once a month to an inch of death to turn him into something more useful. For months on end he was trapped inside a danky manor somewhere in the Southern dominance, unsure if he was the only survivor of his family or not. After two years of abuse and beatings, he Snapped into a Zinc Allomancer and from then on he was rented out to a fixer crew who needed a Rioter. He was tasked with small jobs at first, adjusting the emotion of some unwilling subjects or making some informants more cooperative. After some time Tyden was given more complex jobs featuring longer cons and aiding in negotiations. His noble appearance and allomatic power gave the crew some added credibility to get larger and more important jobs. However neither the crew nor the slavers ever made Tyden forget that they owned him. He was still beaten regularly for minor indiscretions and his diet was tightly controlled lest he ingest some zinc accidently.

It was almost seven years before Tyden made his escape. The crew’s Seeker had been killed on a mission gone bad half a year earlier. Tyden had saved up small glints of Zinc for years for such an opportunity. Over a period of months he started nudging the emotions of the crew around him ever so slightly. He flared distrust and anger amongst the crew and waited for the perfect moment to flee. On a big less-than-legal job, involving lots of cash Tyden made his move. The crew was on the verge of falling apart and with one last push by Tyden everything came apart. The job went south very quick. The crew started blaming each other and fighting amongst themselves and Tyden managed to slip away quietly, taking a substantial portion of the crews pay for the job with him. Tyden fled to Luthadel where he was dismayed to learn that all traces of his family had been erased from the official records. With nowhere to turn to, he did the only thing he was taught to do. Tyden joined a new formed thieving crew with high aspirations. He looks back on his time as a slave with disgust now, never wishing that faith on anyone. Tyden is free now and he is going to make sure he stays that way.

Tyden Marineu

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