Dust and Ruin

Tybalt is alive!

Our heroes have returned triumphant from the Eastern Dominance having rescued Amyse, but upon their arrival they find that their past has come back to haunt them.

The hide-out used by our heroes for the past few years has been sacked and its inhabitants, all valuable allies and friends, have been killed. Our heroes immediately get to work, with SenKael in charge of body disposal and Zed on Amyse body guard duty. Meanwhile Nuri, Arg and Tyden go to Hutch to claim their reward for rescuing Amyse (lest they become even more suspicious), but discover that Hutch has been missing for a few days. After some investigating, they learn that Hutch was taken by House Tekiel, their secret employer. However their investigation did turn up one unexpected piece of information; their mentor, Tybalt, who had been taken several months ago has been moved to the Ministry of Finance which provides a unique rescue opportunity. Tyden with Amyse visited the Ministry under the guise of merchants to give Nuri a chance to sneak around. While inside Nuri discovered a secret passage into a poorly guarded street.

Using the secret passage our heroes sneak in under the cover of night but they are soon spotted by the guards. After a valiant battle our heroes do manage to free their mentor and get away, but did burn down the Ministry building in the process. Glad to have their mentor returned to them, they quickly fill him in on their recent adventures.

Kolossal trouble in the eastern dominance

Having arrived at a village at an hours ride from the capital, our heroes decide to gather some more information. The heroes all investigated the situation based on their specialties. During Nuri’s investigation, she used her skills to sneak into the manor house of the town noble and steal a jewel box containing a single copper earring. During Tyden’s investigation, he got lost in the forest and found evidence of an excavation site with strange ruins.

Putting all their discoveries together, the heroes came up with a quite dangerous picture: There were Koloss in the area and they were targeting noble plantations. Furthermore the ministry had send an obligator to the same town to investigate these strange occurrences.
Deciding that they had a better understanding of the situation, they moved on to the capital. There they started working on a scheme to rescue Amyse.
They decided to gather information on the whereabouts of Amyse by intimidating one of the guards of the keep Urbain and then got themselves some Urbain uniforms made with which they managed to sneak into the Keep. The crew did have the constant feeling of being watched during the preparations, was House Urbain spying on them?

Once in the keep, they had to be wary of the Urbain mistborn who was sleeping in the room next to Amyse but they managed to get the drugged women and he Terrisman out by creating a diversion and using the confusion to escape. Having acquired Amyse, the heroes soon found out who had been following them, it was the other crew that was hired to get Amyse back to her family. The heroes however did not trust them and Zed followed their carriage, only to find it riding towards house Tekiel. Zed intervened swiftly and broke Amyse out again.

The heroes now find themselves escaping the eastern dominance while trying to find out more about Amyse. They however soon realize that they might have bitten off more than they can chew as they start being followed by Koloss. The heroes make a last stand at the village they had passed earlier, not wanting to leave the villagers to the Koloss. When everything looked the most desperate, the terrisman of Amyse revealed her secret. Amyse knew how to control the Koloss and house Urbain was using this knowledge to direct the Koloss at their enemies. She was also a nicrosil misting who could boost the allomancy of others. They had one charge of nicrosil left. Having to take on three Koloss, it was Zed who burned it and boosted Tyden’s emotional allomancy to terrify the Koloss. In a stroke of luck, this worked and the Koloss headed off.

The heroes returned to their journey back to Luthadel except for two final acts. They offered Amys shelter in their group as her secret is too dangerous to ever fall in the wrong hands. And they sent an anonymous letter to an obligator they had encountered, revealing that house Lestram was behind the Koloss attacks.

And so it begins

The crew comes up with a daring plan involving gambling, drinks and off course seduction. To ensure their success, the crew adds a female ska cat burglar and a smoker to the party and they set out for Lestram’s skaa gambling joint. There things soon got out of hand fairly fast as the crew’s pewter thug started a brawl and later escaped by running through a cellar wall. Luckily there was another opportunity for getting information from Lestram on his goodbye party the next night. At that party the plan was to get Lestram alone. However this did not really work out as the party intended. In the end, they did manage to steal the keys to the Urbain Keep in the eastern dominance by means of a mugging. The crew also elegantly dealt with the issue of Lestram warning his relatives in the eastern dominance by sending their mistborn to sink his boat.
Leaving their mistborn behind was however a risky move as the crews travel to the eastern dominance was soon interrupted by bandits. Luckily the crews mistings are no easy target and dispatched with the bandits quickly. Will the crew get to the eastern dominance before Lestram or will their journey prove more perilous than expected?

Without guidance

Just before a new assignment, the crew boss disappears without a trace leaving the crew in disarray. They start bickering: should the new assignment should be accepted, maybe it is a trap?
In the end, with the necessary precautions, they decide to hear out the skaa information broker named Hutch in a shady tavern ‘the Lord Rulers Blessing’. They find out that their job is to breakout a young noble women, Amyse Bylerum which is being held in the keep Urbain in the Eastern Dominance. Once they free the women another thieving crew will ensure her safe transport home. A straight forward,yet delicate operation. Furthermore our Heroes are in luck, one of the Urbain nobles from the eastern dominance is visiting Luthadael and could be a source of information on the keep. Now all they have to do, is come up with a plan on how to obtain that information.


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