Tyden Diary 5

I do not take kindly to betrayal. I am a patient man. But know that whoever crosses me, shall know my wrath. When time is right, when their guard is down, I shall have my vengeance. But I get ahead of myself.

It all started a few days ago, when we had a new arrival at our new hide-out. We had recently been reunited with our mentor, Tybalt who had been captured by the Ministry. The new arrival introduced himself as Gareth and requested to join our crew. As we were still down by a few members, I completely supported his addition. Lord Ruler knows that we could use another emotional allomancer; Zed, our Mistborn, still can’t docile a skaa if his life depended on it.

That day also brought news of a new job. Tybalt had been contacted by a minor house in Luthadel who were having some trouble that required our expertise. We visited their mansion later that day and met with the head of the house, Antonius Laruis, his wife Seria and his heir Lucas. They explained that their plantations had recently been raided by several gangs of Koloss. They had heard of our dealings with the creatures and wanted our help with this problem. I had very strong reservations and was in no hurry to fight Koloss again, but now that we had Tybalt back, it was his decision. And Tybalt felt that this job paid more than enough to ignore the risk. However Tybalt had a plan. After hearing about our adventures in the Eastern Dominance, he had set out to acquire more ‘Nicrosil’, the rare metal that we had found. If we had a supply of this metal, we could defeat the Koloss as we had done before. And luck would have it that House Teckiel had recently received a shipment which might contain some Nicrosil. Rumor has it that they are storing some of this elusive metal in their guest house.

So we set out planning our heist. We first needed information. So while I went around and got in touch with some of my contacts, I sent out the crew to scout the Teckiel grounds. Nuri, other Tyden and Arg were charged with observing the estate from the ground level. I must admit that other Tyden has really come into his own lately and has become an expert at disguising himself, Had I not known any better, I would have sworn he was a completely different person. Zed was tasked to scout the rooftops, his Mistborn abilities being an advantage there. Meanwhile Garett managed to walk in through the front door with invitation in hand.

With the guard routes plotted and the grounds mapped, it was time for phase 2: Contact. House Teckiel gave a ball the next day and we managed to secure an invitation for most off the crew. Garett and Zed managed to get in on reputation alone and brought the rest of us. Garett manage to set up support from House Teckiel for an upcoming minor house. The story was that this house had discovered a new allomantic alloy and was setting up shop in Luthadel. This story was of course false and the representatives of the house were our crew. But with some money in the right hands and some gentle nudging, we had half of Luthadel swearing what great business partners ‘House Solo’ is. So we arranged that ‘House Solo’ could stay at the keep of House Teckiel and they got first pick on our offers. Meanwhile at the ball Zed was getting very cozy with Angelina Teckiel, one of the many Teckiel daughters. Zed arranged a private meeting with her the next day and snuck off to search the guest house for Nicrosil but found nothing.

So it was on to the final phase: Extraction. ‘House Teckiel’ could stay in the guest house of Teckiel keep so immediately we were worried that they had moved the Nicrosil. But we carried on any way and waited until the night to search the compound for the metal. This is when it all went to Ruin.

As we searched, we heard a knock at the guest house door. Arg opened and was startled to find an entire company of hazekillers accompanied by our friendly employers of House Laruis. It was all a trap from the start. There was no Nicrosil here, there were no Koloss attacking Laruis farmlands. It was all another crew, hired by Teckiel, to take us down. And now they had us trapped on their terrain an had sent an army to stop us. And so we did the only thing we could, fight and hope to get out and live another day. Garett and other Tyden had been separated from us as they had been invited to stay in the main keep so we would get no reinforcements from them. We did have one advantage, Zed’s charm managed to convince Angelina to give him a single bead of atium, and we would need it. The battle itself was a blur, but by the end the guest house was on fire and had several holes through the roof. The hazekillers moved too quickly and overpowered us by the end. It was only Zed’s atium and a great deal of luck that allowed us to escape with our lives.

We rushed back to the hide-out and found that Tybalt and Amyse were missing. We had been utterly betrayed and we needed to get away fast. The Teckiel crew might have beaten us but we had escaped, and they would come after us. We need to regroup, find somewhere safe and get back up to strength. And then we are going to bring Teckiel down. They will pay for the deaths of our friends and for taking Amyse from us. This I promise.

Tyden Diary 5

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