Tyden Diary 4

Lo and behold, what Ruin has come upon us now?

They were dead. All of them. We had trusted them safe in our hide-out when we were away in the Eastern Dominance. Had we known there was such a danger, we would never have left. Our trusted companions, with whom we had shared a myriad of adventures, had been found and executed. Nevermore shall we laugh at the jokes of Taylor, hear the old tales of Moose, or listen to the insights of Casper.

This was no time for mourning as we still had a job to do. Amyse may be safe in our presence but there are still way loose ends to tie up. First thing was contacting our handler and assuring him we knew of no fault on our end. Hopefully this would remove suspicion from our group. We were however shocked to discover that Hutch had been missing these past few days. Even worse, he had been captured by house Teckiel!

We did not have time to react to this information as we uncovered the only good news in this whole affair. Arg discovered that our mentor had been moved to the Ministry of Finance. This was the first lead we had gotten on our mentor since his capture and this may be our only rescue opportunity. So we put a plan in motion. After scouting the Ministry, we discovered a secret door through an alley that we could utilize in our break-out.

That evening we snuck into the Ministry but were unfortunately discovered by the guards present. After a few bouts and a few fires, we managed to free Tybalt, our mentor, and escape from the premises. At long last we were reunited and now we can begin rebuilding all that was broken.

Tyden Diary 4

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