Tyden Diary 3

I did not sign up for this…

We arrived in a small village soon after our encounter with the bandits. This is where we were supposed to meet Zed after he had finished delaying Lestram. However I immediately noticed that something was amiss. The streets were almost abandoned and the windows were shut, even though it was a clear day with very little ashfall. Most skaa hovels were covered in a thick layer of black ash, as if the inhabitants hadn’t been home in some time to clean their house. Luckily the wayhouse was still occupied and we managed to get a single room for our crew. At the wayhouse, we heard the horrible truth, that the village was being tormented by a band of rampaging Koloss. Never had I faced the creatures before and that name sent a chill down my spine. Finn is the only one that I know who has gone up against the creatures and survived, although he doesn’t like telling the tale. We didn’t get a lot of sleep that night…

While we were waiting for Zed, we decided to get some information which could aid us in the rescue of Amyse. Under the pretences of horse trade, I made contact with the local noble who belonged to House Tsuro. After getting all of the information I could about our quarry from the nobels servant, I allowed Nuri to sneak into the mansion by claiming that I had spotted a Koloss in the distance. With my superior acting (I did not even require my allomancy), the entire house was soon in a panic. Nuri managed to get away with some confidential documents and a strange earring. Unfortunately when I was released from the protection of the noble Tsuro, I momentarily lost my direction and wandered into a strange set of ruins. There I discovered a camp that had been abandoned in a hurry. Among the ruins was a metal plate detailing a strange procedure that I could not work out. I took an etch and then returned to the wayhouse to meet with my companions. When I arrived back, I discovered that Zed had returned and that he had taken to sorting through the documents recovered by Nuri. Not wanting to wait for Lestram to catch up to us, we quickly left (through the night!) towards Glasium. That night contained many terrors, I never thought I would be thankful for the mists so that I could not witness them. I shall speak no further of this night as the memory still haunts me to this day.

We arrived in Glasium early the next day. After gathering some more information about House Urbain, we decided to replicate their guards uniforms. While in broad day light they would not even fool a one-eyed skaa, during the night and covered in ash the duplicates would even deceive the Lord Ruler himself. With our new uniforms, we interrogated one of House Urbain’s guards after he had returned to his home. We made ourselves to be a special squad of the guard, hired by the captain to find a traitor in their midst. While Finn loudly accused George the guard of being a traitor, I rioted his fear. George soon told us all we needed to know. Amyse was being kept in the main building of the mansion and that there was a second entrance through the guest house which as not as well guarded.

So that night we set our plan in motion. We took out the two guards in front of the guest house and replaced them with Other Tyden and Arg wearing the fake uniforms. We snuck into the house and found Amyse drugged. Getting in was easy, getting out would be trickier. And to make it more complicated, Amyse begged us to rescue her manservant who was locked up in the basement. So we divided the tasks. Zed would get Amyse to safety, while the rest would rescue the Terrisman. When we found the Terrisman in the dungeon, I flared my emotional allomancy on the guards to alert Zed to execute his escape plan as a distraction. The next sound we heard was a loud crash as if an entire wall had been ripped of the building and then the entire mansion went to full alert. With our guard uniforms ,we escaped in the confusion with the Terrismen. We had done it! We saved the girl and got away without anyone noticing us. Our job here was done! Or so we thought…

As agreed, the other crew was waiting to pick up Amyse when we got back to our inn. Normally they would secure Amyse’s transport back to her family. However when we handed her over, they seemed anxious. I didn’t trust them so I ordered Zed to follow them. My suspicions were confirmed when Zed arrived back half an hour later with Amyse. We hadn’t been working for her family, but for House Tekiel! How dare they deceive us in such a manner! Zed had killed the crew with an atium bead that he had recovered earlier but was now injured. While my anger at House Tekiel burned strong, we decided to flee the city and return to Luthadel as soon as possible. For now Tekiel was unaware that it was us and not House Urbain that had recaptured Amyse.

We fled to the nearby village where we had stayed prior to our arrival in Glasium. But soon we discovered that we had been followed by none other than the three Koloss that had been rampaging through the city. This is when we started suspecting that there might be a link between the Koloss and the capture of Amyse. We did not have time to pursue this notion as the Koloss were fast approaching the village. We thought about fleeing the village but that would likely cause it’s devastation at the hands of the Koloss. Thus we decided to make a desperate stand to attempt to safeguard the residents of the village. When our need was most dire as the Koloss go ever closer, the Terrismen we had rescued confessed that he was in possession of a rare allomantic metal that Amyse could use. If burned it allowed the boosting of another allomancers power to enormous proportions. After the boost however, all metals within the allomancer would be depleted. Armed with this new metal, we quickly concocted a plan. Zed would burn the strange metal to boost my allomancy, as I was the only one who could affect all Koloss. When the Koloss made their final approach, with Zed’s boost I used all my metal stores to attempt to instill fear on the Koloss. The Koloss stopped dead as my allomancy touched them and for a moment I didn’t believe that I had succeeded. I willed the Koloss away with all my might and then they. The reaction had apparently been delayed as the Koloss turned around and headed away. We had saved the village!

Now we had to wrap up some loose ends. Amyse confessed that she knew the secret behind controlling Koloss and had been captured by house Urbain for this reason. She was also a misting who could burn the rare metal we had used on the Koloss. Unfortunately the only charge of the rare metal was now depleted. But still the knowledge of how to control a Koloss was out there and this was too dangerous to leave in the hands of House Urbain. We took two actions: we took Amyse into our crew . With her secret there was no place that was entirely safe anymore and this way we can protect her. We also sent an anonymous letter to an obligator we had met the previous day, revealing that House Urbain was behind the Koloss attacks and that they knew the secret behind their control. So with any luck, the ministry will now take care of House Urbain.

We finally returned to our safe house in Luthadel. However we arrived, we were dismayed to discovered that it was empty and that bloodstains covered the walls.
What had occurred during our absence?

Tyden Diary 3

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