Tyden Diary 2

I fear that this job may be the death of us.

It was clear that we could not do this job on our own, especially without our mentor to guide us. So we called in the other Tyden to shroud our powers and Nuri to make sure certain items get displaced. The first task of the job was to acquire some information and a key from Lord Lestram. It seemed easy enough, he is a renowned gambler and frequenter of disreputable locations. So all we had to do was follow him and introduce ourselves. We eventually met up with him at a gambling joint. Some money in the right pockets secured us a place in the back room where all the action was. Zed and Nuri got close by throwing some dice and the rest stayed back with Arg playing cards at a neighboring table. After it was clear we had an in, Arg got a signal to make a distraction. So he and a minor noble got into a small disagreement about cheating. During this time Nuri managed to palm the key to the Urbain Keep. However the distraction worked a bit too well and before long, the taverns heavies had appeared in the room. The next scene was a bunch of nobles grabbing unto whatever money that they could and heading out of the room. Nuri and Zed had no choice but to follow Lestram, lest they blow their cover. And so Arg was left alone in the room, facing two Pewterarms without any back-up in sight.

So he did the only logical thing, burning pewter he charged through the wall of the building.

Arg ended up in the brothel next door and likely freedom was then only a window away. This was more intense than any of us had hoped for but it still worked. Zed and Nuri got an invitation for the going-away party for Lestram the next day.

And so we all went to the party. Myself accompanied by other Tyden and Zed, Nuri and Arg teaming up. Zed quickly managed to get some useful information out of Lestram by offering Nuri but it can with a price. With all the questions, Lestram had become very suspicious. Especially when Zed mentioned that he would be traveling to the Eastern Dominance soon. It was clear that Lestram was unto us, or at least would order an eye kept on our activities should we turn up in Glasium. So we needed to get the job done before he arrived back home.

To make sure that he ran into some difficulties, Zed, our Mistborn trailed him out of the city and sunk the boat that he was on. However this meant that we were forced to travel to the Eastern Dominance without one of our strongest assists.

Of course, as if the Lord Ruler is conspiring against us, we were beset upon by bandits. However they did not count on the presence of our Pewterarm Arg, Rockthrowing Nuri and Horsestealing Tyden. Myself gave more support to the troops as they valiantly dispatched the bandits. And we suddenly doubled our amount of riding horses. Good thing too, because we were going to need them.

Tyden Diary 2

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