Dust and Ruin

Without guidance

Just before a new assignment, the crew boss disappears without a trace leaving the crew in disarray. They start bickering: should the new assignment should be accepted, maybe it is a trap?
In the end, with the necessary precautions, they decide to hear out the skaa information broker named Hutch in a shady tavern ‘the Lord Rulers Blessing’. They find out that their job is to breakout a young noble women, Amyse Bylerum which is being held in the keep Urbain in the Eastern Dominance. Once they free the women another thieving crew will ensure her safe transport home. A straight forward,yet delicate operation. Furthermore our Heroes are in luck, one of the Urbain nobles from the eastern dominance is visiting Luthadael and could be a source of information on the keep. Now all they have to do, is come up with a plan on how to obtain that information.



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