Dust and Ruin

Tybalt is alive!

Our heroes have returned triumphant from the Eastern Dominance having rescued Amyse, but upon their arrival they find that their past has come back to haunt them.

The hide-out used by our heroes for the past few years has been sacked and its inhabitants, all valuable allies and friends, have been killed. Our heroes immediately get to work, with SenKael in charge of body disposal and Zed on Amyse body guard duty. Meanwhile Nuri, Arg and Tyden go to Hutch to claim their reward for rescuing Amyse (lest they become even more suspicious), but discover that Hutch has been missing for a few days. After some investigating, they learn that Hutch was taken by House Tekiel, their secret employer. However their investigation did turn up one unexpected piece of information; their mentor, Tybalt, who had been taken several months ago has been moved to the Ministry of Finance which provides a unique rescue opportunity. Tyden with Amyse visited the Ministry under the guise of merchants to give Nuri a chance to sneak around. While inside Nuri discovered a secret passage into a poorly guarded street.

Using the secret passage our heroes sneak in under the cover of night but they are soon spotted by the guards. After a valiant battle our heroes do manage to free their mentor and get away, but did burn down the Ministry building in the process. Glad to have their mentor returned to them, they quickly fill him in on their recent adventures.



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