Dust and Ruin

And so it begins

The crew comes up with a daring plan involving gambling, drinks and off course seduction. To ensure their success, the crew adds a female ska cat burglar and a smoker to the party and they set out for Lestram’s skaa gambling joint. There things soon got out of hand fairly fast as the crew’s pewter thug started a brawl and later escaped by running through a cellar wall. Luckily there was another opportunity for getting information from Lestram on his goodbye party the next night. At that party the plan was to get Lestram alone. However this did not really work out as the party intended. In the end, they did manage to steal the keys to the Urbain Keep in the eastern dominance by means of a mugging. The crew also elegantly dealt with the issue of Lestram warning his relatives in the eastern dominance by sending their mistborn to sink his boat.
Leaving their mistborn behind was however a risky move as the crews travel to the eastern dominance was soon interrupted by bandits. Luckily the crews mistings are no easy target and dispatched with the bandits quickly. Will the crew get to the eastern dominance before Lestram or will their journey prove more perilous than expected?



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